Highlights and key takeaways from the 2022 Brighton SEO SERP analysis summit

SEO is the most evolving field. From the introduction of the new tools to constant changes in Google Algorithm, it feels like new SEO-related updates in Google are waiting for us. A deep insight into this fast-paced industry will be valuable, eventually making the Brightonseo SERP conference unique. Engaging in highly useful conversations, discussions with fellow experts, and networking sessions, the overall experience of the analysis summit is rewarding. Here in this blog, we cover some key points and highlights of the summit.

Sustainable Future of SEO:

Consumers are getting awareness about the brands’ sustainability. This is why those brands taking the green initiative get an easier and more customer base than their competitors. It makes it important for everyone around us to understand our day-to-day responsibilities. We should encourage others to make a genuine effort in this direction. It is high time when you should act all together to bring meaningful changes to our present and future.

PPC Ads are harming SEO:

PPC ads are harming SEO

It is one of the most valid points for your consideration, especially when 33% of visits over the paid ads come from bots. This means that 1/3 of the visit are not real. These bots come from botnets and are designed to create a problem. Irrespective of the source of these bots, these bots drive the value and price of the brands to the worthless space. As a result, even premium will become a source that advertises their brand and services with a fake website and fake traffic. This is a serious issue, as most of these websites can make $2 to $3 million daily. Therefore, digital marketing services need to ask their experts what they are doing in this context. Since it is nearly impossible to attain harmony in the digital space, catching up with effective communication can solve the problem.

Managing unexpected expectations of clients:

When it comes to SEO, performance has become just a name game. All clients, digital marketing companies, and digital marketing experts want to achieve the best results utilizing the newest tools available in the digital space. Still, some steps need to be taken back to manage the expectations. The same goes for the clients since they make unrealistic expectations for the content. In such cases, knowledge is fundamental, and you should be aware that your client doesn’t know what you know. So how will you manage their expectations? You can put together a comprehensive analysis showing that you have pushed the content when it is asked and what are consequences of this approach are.

With this thorough strategy, you will be able to match the client’s expectations and possibly find ways to bring improvement to the content.

Amazing comeback:

With this summit, there is the comeback of normal days. During the pandemic, we are all wondering what to talk about and how to improve SEO. But now, we have a few topics to watch after this conference.

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