Top 5 Things to Know About GA4

Google Analytics 4 (GA 4) is a marketing tool that helps in the improvement of your business. It was launched in October 2020 that offers enhanced tracking, insights, and reporting as compared to Universal Analytics.

The top 5 things that you need to know about GA4 are listed below:

  1. User-oriented engagement metrics

Google has launched GA4 in which the marketers have the intuition to focus on user-oriented engagement metrics that only focus on the customer and its lifecycle. This feature uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to precisely predict the actions of your customers. It also implements effective and predictive tracking and analytics. In GA4, a session has been considered engaging when a customer or a user remains on a website for at least 10 seconds, includes at least a conversion event, or has minimum views of up to two pages.

Google Analytics 4

  1. BigQuery implementation

BigQuery is an information-storing warehouse tool that helps in the management and analysis of your information. It comprises built-in features such as business intelligence, machine learning, and geospatial analysis. BigQuery also helps in answering complex questions in no matter of time with the help of SQL even when the infrastructure management is not present.

  1. Enhanced tracking of the customer journey

GA4 not only focuses on the measurements that are easily fragmented by platform or device like sessions but also focuses on your customers as well as on their interactions. This is known as events. The happening of such events occurs across websites as well as app and their combination. GA4 Lifecycle reports have been created to align with the journey of your customer. This journey includes four different stages such as acquisition, engagement, monetization along with retention. Using such a report, you can effectively understand the journey of your customer and identify the implementation of your marketing strategies. You can also identify opportunities for your business as well as where it is lacking in the markets. This has been possible with the help of the GA4 measurement model of event-driven to satisfy a customer even after the sales of your business.

  1. Effective audience segment

GA4 offers effective audience segments for campaigning your business in the markets. In GA4, you can differentiate your segmentation by creating them on the basis of time and events. Due to this, you can group your customers on the basis of time and interactions among events over arbitrary device platforms or categories. Having the knowledge of more audiences, effective campaigns can be planned by marketers to reach their audiences at the right place and at the right time precisely.

  1. Analysis Hub

Analysis Hub comprises progressive analysis methods. It helps in making a transparent insight into the behavior of your customers. The tools available in Analysis Hub are:

  • Export analyzed data in various formats.
  • Visualization methods can be applied to your analyzed information.
  • Segment overlap report in showing the relationship between goal-oriented segments.


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